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Climate neutral shipping

DHL Go Green - Climate Neutral Shipping at Foto Koch

Our nature is the basis of all life on earth. Thus, we should ensure that the environment is protected and not taken for granted. We are aware that by sending parcels, we cause CO2 emissions and worsen particulate pollution in cities. To help us do something about climate change, we use the DHL environmental protection program "GoGreen"

GoGreen is an environmental protection program of the DHL Group, which aims to reduce or even avoid greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions. By 2050, DHL Group aims to reduce all logistics-related emissions to zero. By purchasing CO2 certificates, selected and registered climate protection projects are supported in many countries. These projects provide assistance particularly in the areas of "energy efficiency", "renewable energies" or "(re)afforestation". Thus, the pollutant emissions caused by a delivery truck are mainly offset by a climate project. In one of DHL Group's own projects, for example, more efficient stoves are being used in Lesotho (in the south of Africa) to reduce the burning of firewood and thus protect people from smoke that is harmful to their health, reduce deforestation and cut greenhouse gases. The calculation and offsetting of emissions is verified by an independent verification company in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Lifecycle Accounting and Reporting product standard. Thanks to this commitment, we can guarantee our customers climate-neutral shipping. More info about GoGreen

Sustainable shipping

Sustainability at Foto Koch

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