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Firmware update of Lumix S5II and S5IIx
Reading time: 6 minutes - April 19, 2024 - by Markus Igel

Firmware update for the Lumix S5II (3.0) +amp; S5IIX (2.0)

We have been waiting a long time, finally Panasonic has presented the long-awaited firmware update, which includes animal eye autofocus, motorcycle and autofocus. But much more has been added and improved. We give you an overview here!

Integration of the pre-burst shooting mode

First of all, let's start with the most exciting feature for photographers who like to take pictures of moving objects or models. The new firmware now allows continuous shooting to be saved for up to 1.5 seconds when the shutter button is pressed. The shutter release is limited to the electronic shutter with 30fps.

Autofocus feature improvements regarding the detection function

The autofocus of the S5II/x now has animal, motorcycle and auto autofocus tracking, as was already integrated in the G9II, and the detection and tracking of people has also been improved. These improvements and the previous new function make the camera even better suited to another area of application, motorsport and wildlife photography! Essentially, the AF frame now does not jump to other subjects in the picture but tracks the optically separated frame in the picture.

  • 24.2 megapixel full-frame sensor
  • new processor with L² technology
  • Dual Native ISO
  • uncompromising image quality
  • Phase Hybrid AF
  • built-in fan
  • 5.9K video
  • Burst: 30B/s (electr.) / 9B/s (mech.)
  • FHD 120p
  • HDMI type A
  • Black Edition Design
  • 24.2 megapixel full-frame sensor
  • new processor with L² technology
  • Dual Native ISO
  • uncompromising image quality
  • RAW video output
  • USB SSD recording, All Intra recording
  • Pro Res recording, Pro-level streaming
  • Phase Hybrid AF
  • built-in fan
  • 6K 30p/25p 4:2:0 10-bit
  • Burst: 30B/s (electr.) / 9B/s (mech.)
  • FHD 120p
  • 8-direction joystick
  • HDMI type A

Further improvements

In addition to improving the general operating stability, the image quality of the Live View composite mode function has also been improved. This function allows you to display a live preview of your long exposure, which you can use to better control your light painting.

What Panasonic hasn't mentioned here is that under operational stability, the power-on speed of the camera has been significantly improved.

Improvements for videographers with the new firmware

Below we go through all the updates and improvements to the S5II and S5IIx for videographers.

Video upload to the cloud with

Once the camera is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, the camera can upload still images (photos) and proxy videos directly to the cloud.

Proxy Recording

With the S5II, it is now possible to record a proxy recording at a lower bit rate in parallel to the regular video recording. The camera records on the first memory card slot / SSD and saves a Full HD track of the same name on the second memory card slot. The memory setting cannot be corrected, but it is possible to set one and the other slot so that the Real Time LUT can be applied.

Improved image stabilization

The electronic stabilization of the camera has been improved. The camera now has the E-stabilization mode: High. This essentially improves the stabilization when it comes to large camera shake.

Tip for professionals: You use Super-35 Lens on your L-Mount camera? You can now also use the whole thing in 6K when using Open Gate with High stabilization. By cropping the image, the vignette is removed and you get a usable image section.

Correcting the distortion

If you like filming with a wide-angle lens, you can use the new feature in the camera to add perspective distortion correction.

Where can you find the update?

From Monday the 22.04 is available on the following website:

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