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Innovative bags from Pacsafe

Thieves no longer stand a chance. The practical bags are equipped with various protective functions. Depending on the model, they have invisibly integrated steel cables that make it impossible to slash the bags or cut the carrying straps. Intelligent carabiners with safety catches make it impossible to release the bag quickly and easily, and zippers that can be operated with both hands with an extra safety button and fastening carabiner prevent inconspicuous opening. Special RFID-blocking material prevents contactless card reading.

Company profile

Pacsafe is an innovative brand for luggage with an anti-theft function. The brand's product line includes bags for women, backpacks for adventure, bags for city and leisure, computer bags, photo bags, bags for motorcycles, accessories for cameras and bags and travel accessories such as straps, belts and locks. Pacsafe was founded by people who simply love to travel.